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International project in film education and public film history presentation
The ThinkFilM project is organised by the NaFilM: National film museum project, which was founded by students within the Masters program at the Department of Film Studies in Charles University in Prague. The initiators of the project have engaged in the research of film education and the public presentation of national film heritage for the past five years.
The ThinkFilM project extends the research to the international level with the participation of partners from Goethe University Frankfurt), Poland (University of Lodz) and Great Britain (School of Art & Design - Middlesex University London). The project partners involves students, academics as well as experts and practitioners that are invited for consultation and cooperations.
The aim of the project in 2015/2017 was to map the existing procedures used in film education for youth and in the public presentation of cinematographic heritage and then use the acquired knowledge for finding innovative practices that improved upon the established practices. A major benefit of each of the project partners was the creation of their own filmic-education project for youth, which will correspond to the specific needs of the country (exhibition, VR interactive installation, publication, symposium).
In the long run, the project primarily aims in the establishment of creative and intensive cooperation between the partner universities and institutions involved. Together we not only achieved the main aims of the project, but we will keep on improving the quality of film education within our following activities in the future. We plan in 2017/18 to continue and extend our collaboration with the partners from Hungary (Palantír Film Vizuális Antropológiai Alapítvány – ELTE University Budapest), Slovakia (Truc sphérique – Stanica Žilina) and Great Britain (Playtest UK, Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning - University of Cambridge) and by doing so to make film education more accessible to young people as well as to make national cultural heritage publicly available at the national and international level.
ThinkFilM project was supported by the Erasmus+ EU programme grant (March 2015 – February 2017) and by Visegrad Fund (July 2017 - June 2018).
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