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NaFilM: National Film Museum
Mozarteum, Jungmannova 748/30, Praha 1 - entry from the Franciscan Garden off Jungmann\'s Square
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday  |  1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Admission: adults: 140 Kč  |  children, students and seniors: 120 Kč  |  family (2+2): 480 Kč
NaFilM: National Film Museum is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. It transforms a museum into a fascinating world of cinema where visitors not only learn new things but also offers them a unique experience.
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Thanks to interactive exhibits everyone across different generations can find out how film works and learn about its history. You will travel to the past and build your own projection apparatus to screen a movie in the old way, as well as to the future to experience virtual reality or build your own hologram. You can also try your hand at film animation, editing and sound engineering or how to make special effects.
Before we found the right and permanent space for the museum in the Mozarteum, we've created unique interactive exhibitions that were showcasing NaFilM in temporary venues in Prague: NaFilM: The Exhibition 2 (Palác Chicago, 2016/18) and NaFilM:The Exhibition (Museum Montanelli, 2015).
Industry Programme on Film and Audiovisual Education
The film museum NaFilM, in cooperation with the Summer Film School, organises the International Industry programme dedicated to film and audiovisual education. All those who are interested in film education will have an opportunity during the film festival in Uherske Hradiste to meet various Czech and foreign guests and become acquainted with their projects, approaches and experiences – not only in panel discussions but also during practical demonstrations of their works and hands-on activities.
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The first edition in 2018 presented some proven and innovative educational formats. We offered unique analogue film screenings, new alternatives to animation workshops, workshops aimed at assembling a simple analogue film projector, the creation of holograms, virtual reality and VR glasses. Moreover, we introduced new possibilities in presenting film and media education in exhibition halls and museums by means of interactive installations. The practical ways of using interactive exhibits and conducting school educational programmes were discussed with experienced Czech and foreign curators.
The whole programme is intended for teachers of elementary, secondary and art schools, lectors of courses and workshops for children and youth, cinema managers, film club members and all those who are interested in film education. The two days' Industry Programme is free of charge and open to SFS visitors, which allows us to test new forms of parallel workshops.
Author: Daniel Trögler
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