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About NaFilM
Why doesn’t Czech cinema have its own museum? Hasn’t Czech film heritage been hidden in archives and depositories for too long? What if we finally – after over hundred years - present it to public? To answer all of these questions, we founded NaFilM.
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The founders of the NaFilM (National Film Museum) project are students from the Film Studies department at Charles University, Prague. They endeavor to establish a unique institution whose purpose is to examine, re-evaluate and publicly present the importance of the Czech Republic’s national film heritage not only to the Czech people but also to visitors from all around the world.
The intended institution should become an engaging place to experience film open to both the general public and to experts and film professionals. Students and academics from the Film Studies department have been in dialogue with theorists, experts and curators to work on the concept of a National Film Museum for the past two years.
The elaborated film museum concept and its architectural design along with selected sections of future museum exhibitions will be showcased at a special exhibition held in Prague in June 2015. This exhibition will present not only our significant cinematographic heritage, but also possible curatorial approaches to exhibiting the film medium and its history. The accompanying program of the exhibition will consist of various workshops, screenings and discussions, including a series of lectures called ‘How to present film or Why doesn’t Prague have a film museum?’ that will offer a unique opportunity to participate in the process of establishing the National Film Museum.
Film is more than just what they’re showing in the cinema… Come and join us for a film in the museum!
Industry Programme on Film and Audiovisual Education
The film museum NaFilM, in cooperation with the Summer Film School, organises the International Industry programme dedicated to film and audiovisual education. All those who are interested in film education will have an opportunity during the film festival in Uherske Hradiste to meet various Czech and foreign guests and become acquainted with their projects, approaches and experiences – not only in panel discussions but also during practical demonstrations of their works and hands-on activities.
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The first edition in 2018 presented some proven and innovative educational formats. We offered unique analogue film screenings, new alternatives to animation workshops, workshops aimed at assembling a simple analogue film projector, the creation of holograms, virtual reality and VR glasses. Moreover, we introduced new possibilities in presenting film and media education in exhibition halls and museums by means of interactive installations. The practical ways of using interactive exhibits and conducting school educational programmes were discussed with experienced Czech and foreign curators.
The whole programme is intended for teachers of elementary, secondary and art schools, lectors of courses and workshops for children and youth, cinema managers, film club members and all those who are interested in film education. The two days' Industry Programme is free of charge and open to SFS visitors, which allows us to test new forms of parallel workshops.
Author: Daniel Trögler
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